2017 Questioneering

Rather than our normal wine tasting this year, EWB-OK East and EWB-TU will be partnering up for a fun night of Trivia! We will be covering pop culture, current events, and all things STEM! Teams will consist of 4-8 people. If you don't have 4 people, just let us know and we will set you up with another group. A silent auction will be taking place during the night as well.

Ticket prices will be $25 and can be purchased here. Tickets will include food, soft drinks, tea, etc. A cash bar will also be offered. 

The community members of Machacamarca have requested a project for eco-latrines, solar showers, or an irrigation system. During our assessment trip, we will gather information about current methods of sanitation and which areas are most likely to be contaminated because of the current sanitation. After, we will begin testing the contamination in the farmlands, the water sources, around the homes of community members, and common areas for community gatherings. The data are going to help determine the areas that need the new sanitation system first.

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Thank you in advance for your donation.  We hope to see you at the fundraiser!