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The Eco-Latrine project, as well as the town of Cotani, was selected after a scoping trip to Bolivia in January 2009.  The OK East Professionals partnered with the Univeristy of Tulsa (TU) student chapter to design what they decided to call an "Eco-Latrine" and build a prototype at Newsome Community Farms in North Tulsa.  After an assessment trip in May 2009, several OK East members as well as a few  student members traveled to Cotani in November 2009 to begin building 4 latrines.  The community finished all 4 of these, and built a 5th latrine before the chapters returned in August 2010 to start construction of 2 additional latrines.  Monitoring of the existing eco-latrines is on-going.

Eco-Latrine Story Aired by OETA

Newsome Community Farms Prototype

In August 2011, the project lead for the Eco-Latrines, Rebecca Ward, visited Newsome to see how their latrine was holding up.  The farm staff had kept the latrine looking like new, and had switched compartments after the first one filled.  They had also made improvements to the latrine: a cover for the hole in the back which allows access to the compost and screened vents near the ceiling either side.

The Farm procures coffee grounds from a local shop (which would ordinarily be thrown away) and adds a few scoops to the latrine after each use.  Despite a 100 degree temperature outside when Rebecca went to visit, there was absoltutely no smell.  As Rebecca put it, "it is so incredible to see that the latrine is actually working and benefiting the community."

 The prototype Eco-Latrine was built by both professional and 
 student EWB-USA members in the spring of 2009.