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Cotani Bridge

In the spring of 2011, the community of Cotani approached Engineers in Action (EIA) about help with a bridge that had washed out in February. During an implementation trip with TU, a member investigated the site to determine if the bridge was something that could and should be undertaken. It was decided that an assessment trip was warranted for the fall of 2011. In Oct. of 2011, an assessment team went to Cotani to look at drainage areas, the temporary bridge, and to survey the area around the road. 

As our chapter was designing the new bridge, we got word from EIA that the local government had decided to fund and construct a sturdy new concrete bridge for Cotani.  While we didn't get to help directly with the design or construction of the bridge, our early efforts were helpful to the citizens of Cotani in persuading the government to step up to the plate.

Cotani Bridge 'A'