A family standing in front of their new eco-latrine

The chapter has built 6 eco-latrines so far, with 1 more currently being constructed. An additional testing latrine was built at Newsome Community Farms near Tulsa to asses construction techniques and get a better estimate on material needs. Currently the eco-latrines are being investigated to determine how effective the first generation was and how to improve the second generation.

Cotani Bridge

The current bridge and a small pedestrian bridge

At a recent meeting with the community it was discovered that a vital bridge had been destroyed in a flash flood. The community has built a temporary structure out of stacked rocks and timber beams, but a more permanent solution was desired. In May 2011 a representative visited the site to asses what damage was done, and how vital the road was. His report help decide that the project could be undertaken. In Oct. 2011 a team traveled to the community on an assessment trip. Designs and alternatives are currently being evaluated. A second trip is planned for the summer to discuss design alternatives.

Solar Showers

(Project led by the University of Tulsa chapter)
The University of Tulsa chapter has been experimenting with heating water using Solar Thermal Heating. The idea is to make it easy to replicate and encourage more hygiene in all areas of the community. Currently the community does not like to waste gas to heat water for bathing, nor do they like to get cold and wet.